9633 Sound Design is open to collaborations / projects. We’re open to remote work.

All invoices are legally managed by Amplo (Brussels/BE).

9633sounddesign@gmail.com / http://wildtek.net

Here is a list of our possibilities :

Audio Archiving

From analog tapes, K7 tapes, vinyl, Minidisc, …

Example : Audio ArchivingMicrocassetteMinidisc

Audio Creation

Music, interactive sounds, themes, narration …

Example : Temple Caché “Bouteille”

Audio Post-Production

Music, Sound FX, Speech …

Example : Sound DesignGlitch/Sound Design

Audio Recording

Foley, field, ASMR, binaural/3D (Ambeo), electromagnetic, …

Example : Electromagnetic RecordingAmbeoGeofon

Audio Restoration

De-noising, de-clicking, stereo balance …

Example : Audio Repair

Audio Sampling

Packs, Ableton sampler racks, …

Example : VHS

Artistic Performances

Events, art exhibitions, …

Computer Audio Setup

Hardware and software installation / optimisation

Computer Music Lessons

Individual / Groups

Sound Fashion (Coming next)

T-shirts and accessories

Sound Therapy (Coming next)

Music performance with Yoga practice

CONTACT – 9633sounddesign@gmail.com